Land Planning + Landscape Architecture
The Seashell at Carlsbad's Village
ASLA - Merit Award
Visionary Design
Wilkinson Design Group
Plaza Paseo Real
APA Honorable Mention
Specific Planning Project
Rick Planning/City of Carlsbad
Robert Wilkinson - Site Plan &
Landscape Concept  
A sense of community and a goal of sustainability are
fundamental to all of our work.
We are dedicated to design solutions that improve the
communities quality of life and advance the long term
health of their surrounding environment.
We work to collaborate within a professional effort to fully
explore each project's potentials
We strive to create a unique experience producing a
strong and positive
"Sense of Place".
We strive to make optimum use of each site's potentials
to achieve a unique and pleasant live,shop, work,
environments while exceeding our clients yield
Our goal is to develop the design with a visual interest
where color and materials, shade and shadow compose
a memorable experience.
Our clients budget and anticipated level of on going
maintenance always helps shape our final design.
We are proud to be a member of 1%  in support of our