Community identity and pride can benefit from a strong and
positive sense of place.  This communal feeling is supported by a
location for group gatherings and special events.  A place of
focus and identity for a defined group.  Municipal governments
can help provide this sense of place, sense of pride by providing
that place of focus.  
"Civic Centers" should facilitate gatherings
for civic, cultural and special public events.  Centers should
include buildings for governance, venues for the arts and outdoor
plazas where the public can come together in large groups.  

This type of Center should also have a strong and
with the surrounding area of the City. With these
objectives as our direction,
WDG provided the Carlsbad Village
with a study to redevelop the existing City Hall /
Library facility that sits at the edge of Carlsbad's "Village"
downtown.  Our study proposes an expanded use of that site.  It
proposes a new City Hall Complex that recollects most City staff
with the Council Chambers.  Additional to the existing Library will
be venues for both indoor and outdoor performing arts and an
arrangement of large outdoor plaza spaces. All these uses will be
supported by areas of both surface and subsurface parking.

Our concept plan strengthens the connection of this new Civic
Center Complex to the "Village" area of Carlsbad.  It ties the
redeveloped Civic Center to the "Village" with a pedestrian tunnel
under Interstate Five.  This tunnel will allow employees and guest
easy access to  walk or bicycle into the "Village" for daily
errands, meals or visits to the beach.  The complex's 450+
planned parking spaces can also support evening or weekend
events at its facilities or special events held in the "Village".            
West - Southwest Building Elevation on Pio Pico Drive