The Carlsbad Village Association, a local business group, wanted to approach the City Council with
ideas on a more intensive redevelopment plan for the City's "Village" area.
WDG joined this effort as
it's primary design consultant preparing concept studies for two major elements of the plan.
 1) The
Grand Promenade,
a linear open space that threads itself through the Village from Civic Center to the
shoreline of the Pacific.  
2) Civic Center, A site plan for redeveloping the current City Hall into a full
Civic & Cultural Center
the Grand Promenade's new Street Design -
One Block's use for a Classic Car Show
Cross Section of Grand Avenue's 100 ft r.o.w.
Beach Access - Entry Gateway
the Grand Promenade
Village of Carlsbad, Ca
Full Length of the Plan - 4,170 linear feet