In the mid 90's 'Bill Silva Presents' San Diego's
premier concert promoter at that time, was looking
for a site to build a 20,000 patron Amphitheater.  
Robert Wilkinson, working for the Rick Planning
Group, took over site planning and site design for
this venue facility.  
A 74 acre site along the
southern edge of the City of Poway had been
 To make use of the property's natural
topography, the site planning effort spun the
theater 180 degrees from previous studies.  This
repositioning had the theater's bowl make use of
the site's terrain  and allowed it to overlook a
large area of natural open space.  BBA Architects
laid out the theater and Robert Wilkinson
designed the plazas.  However, the project lost its
City support and fell to a competing proposal for
an Amphitheater in Chula Vista.     
Poway Entertainment Center
Poway California
Stage Right Plaza & Pavilions
Sketch of the Theater
Site Plan Vignette
Bird's eye Sketch of the Theater
Full Site Plan