A 2005 ASLA SD Award Winner for WDG, Due to its key location this small site is the most popular
public space in Carlsbad.
 However its current improvements are leftovers from a failed attempt at a public
plaza.  As is, the site is broken and fails the community.  
WDG saw this fact and pitched ideas to the City
Council on how the site could and should become a
Jewel of the Community.  The ideas included tipping
the site to provide unobstructed views to the Pacific Ocean, crating a Terraced Turf Bowl and Performers
Venue, a Wind/Sail Sculpture and tideline Fountain.      
t  h  e      S  e  a  s  h  e  l  l     a  t     C  a  r  l  s  b  a  d ' s     V  i  l  l  a  g  e
Sea Bluff Plaza - Village of Carlsbad California