Q U A N T U M    E S T A T E S
This 40 Acre Rural Estate Property sits at the eastern entrance of the Rancho Santa
Fe Community.
 The site had numerous development plans prepared,submitted and
WDG was brought onto the design team to lead the site design effort.  Taking a
fresh look at the potentials of  the rolling property,
WDG used  and existing utility easement
to rout the neighborhood street around the backside of a ridge. This allowed us to retain the
site's central bowl as
core open space enjoyed by five of the seven home sites.  This new
neighborhood is also connected to the entire community via a hiking /equestrain trail.  To
create a theme element for Rancho Santa Fe, a Citrus Grove will be established framing the
highway entrance.  
The threat of wildfire is also an important aspect in rural estate
planning and landscape architecture,  
WDG dealt with this threat in a number of ways, one
was by massing drifts of Aloe plants as a vegetative fuel buffer within the non sensitive
areas of the site's open space.